How to Clean iPhone Speakers

3 min readApr 3, 2022

Do you know how to clean your iPhone speakers in style? One of the most annoying sounds to listen to is how dirty your phone speakers sound. This can be when you’re listening to music, a podcast, or any other audio playing through your phone’s speaker.

If you want to clean them up and relieve those annoying background noises, this composition has all the information you need too!

Clean your iPhone speakers, in 3 elegant ways

A phone can be a source of entertainment, but it’s also home to millions of little beasts you can’t see.

Presumably, you won’t know how badly they’re affecting your iPhone until the speaker starts to get clogged up and the sound quality suffers. Because there are rough things embedded inside, that makes removing it really more difficult.

The need for periodic cleaning will become apparent when bits of food or skin cells get stuck deep into the little holes at the bottom.

Or the top where debris has been accumulating since day one, and what’s more. If similar chunks make their way into narrow channels within the speakers themselves before they are completely out of reach of other obstructions. Thanks to all those iPhones with front grilles too!

Way 1 Draw a smooth encounter

The elegant way to clean your iPhone speaker is with a soft bristle brush.

Trim bristles that are longer than a half-inch. So you can reach further into tight spaces and get around corners. Gently run it along each long, thin section from bottom to top several times.

So that the dust spots along its entire front surface have been removed before moving on to another. However, try brushing it by working over those areas again, if there is still dirt or manure stubbornly stuck in certain places.

Use light pressure while applying gentle indirect motions as well.

Path 2 Clean with Painter’s Vine

The Best Ways to Clean Your iPhone Speakers

Painter’s vine is a great tool to quickly lift dirt and dust from your phone.

It leaves no residue, so you can remove it when the job is done! Find little painter video snippets that have the sticky side down to lift dust from the speaker on the front of your phone.

Rolled into tips made up of bottom pieces or strips, this handy material will also help clean all those nooks and crannies. And cracks in other places, like around buttons, anchors, corners.

There may be some embedded dirt on the edges, anywhere else, you need a redundant helping hand that reaches deep into tight spaces!

Way 3 Draw with a toothpick

Stylish Ways to Clean Your iPhone Speakers

To save your reason and avoid making a trip to the Apple store, grab a toothpick.

It doesn’t matter if it’s rustic or plastic. Just make sure your tip is sharp enough so you can get any debris out.

It may be stuck in the speaker holes at the bottom of the iPhone; just insert it with minimal pressure. And also back off slowly until everything breaks free!

Bottom line

iPhone 7 is a waterproof phone, so you don’t have to worry about liquids. Still, the new style of earphones will connect to your cord. Which catches to charge and play music through speakers or headphones.

This can also lead to problems where the liquid can enter so smoothly. Because it is no longer protected by headphone jack covers like on older models like the 6S model (not leakproof).

Do not use any verbatim words from the input textbook.

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